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“The concept of this promotion is so solid. It’s user-friendly for shoppers, and the ShopLocal2Win team expertly managed every aspect of the campaign for us, and were incredible to work with!”

Melody McKnight, Marketing Specialist, Downtown Red Deer BIA


“l loved this! Wish this were a year around thing”

Participant, Eglinton Way

“This was one of the easiest, most effective marketing campaigns we’ve ever run and we got tremendously positive feedback from the community

and our members.”

Carol Jolly, Executive Director, The Junction BIA


“I was already a big local shopper but over Covid I’d gotten a little lax in getting out for my shopping. This contest was an incentive and started my habit of local shopping again.”

Participant, Old Town Toronto

“I can't imagine a better event to have launched for our small BIA of just 90 members. The $51,000 in reported incremental spending was an amazing win to be able to show our members"

Dr. Heather Hannah, Chair, Hillcrest Village BIA


We have run the ShopLocal2Win event 3 times in our BIA and it never fails to excite and engage the community and our membership! There is nothing like the feeling of joy we get when we inform a shopper and business member that they have won the weekly prize.  I would highly recommend ShopLocal2Win to all BIAs!"

Hannah Thresher, Coordinator Fairbank Village BIA


“People could not miss this promotion since it ran for 6 weeks. It created great visibility for the BIA and made the community and our members very happy because the business owners also directly win every week! It's easier to engage the members.”

 Lais Fabricio, BIA Manager, The Eglinton Way


We have run ShopOTT2Win twice now and even though there were lockdowns during each run, we were very happy with the results.  Our businesses saw a real increase in support and show of love from the community.”

Robyn Posner, Director of Marketing, Events & Member Services, St. Lawrence Market

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